What Methods Can You Use to Consume Cannabis?

What Methods Can You Use to Consume Cannabis? caviarsmoke

When people think of cannabis and how to consume cannabis, they often think of purely smoking it. They do not consider the various other methods in which cannabis can be used to get this into your body. In fact, many of these other methods are even more popular than smoking.

1. Pills or Capsules

Many cannabis products are made in pill or capsule form, allowing a person to simply take a supplement everyday to get the benefits of using cannabis. This is often one way in which people can consume cannabis without the worry of smoking it or having the smell linger on themselves.

2. Dabbing

Dabbing is a concentrated form of cannabis that is like wax. However, in order to dab yo have to have specific equipment to release the wax concentrate into a vapor/smoke that you the person will then inhale.

3. Tinctures

A tincture is going to be an alcohol or oil based extract that has cannabis in it. This is taken under the tongue and gives the benefits of cannabis quicker than if a person were to smoke this. This is a very popular option for those who are using cannabis for medical reasons.

What Methods Can You Use to Consume Cannabis? caviarsmoke edibles canada

4. Edibles

Edibles are a product that can be eaten that has cannabis in it. The cannabis can be infused into almost any type of food including candies, snacks and even baked goods that you make yourself.

5. Oils

This is referring to an essential oil type of product that is infused with THC or CBD. These oils are meant to be rubbed into the skin to help with various ailments. You can even use this oil in an oil diffuse to gain the benefits from this.

6. Sprays

With these types of products, a person can spray this into their mouth to get an immediate effect of the cannabis in their system. Sprays are good for those who have trouble with inhaling or do not want to smoke, such as those with asthma.

7. Drinks

Cannabis can be infused into teas, coffees, sport drinks, or whatnot to give you another option to get the effects of cannabis in your system .

8. Topical Creams

Much like oils, topical creams that contain cannabis are often used to help with pain in muscles or other ares. They are simply rubbed on the body to get the lasting effects of cannabis.

9. Bath Soaks

Those who are looking to relive muscle pain and help to relax will find that bath soaks infused with cannabis may be just what they need. These are put into warm bath waters, for a relaxing experience.

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