Dreamland Psychedelics Chocolates


Dreamland Psychedelics is Canadian-based brand that believes in the therapeutic and medicinal benefits of magic mushrooms. Studies show that some of the main psychedelic components of magic mushrooms such as psilocybin and psilobin contain medicinal properties that can help treat depression, anxiety, bi-polar diseases and many other ailments. An extremely beginner friendly and convenient option, these tasty chocolate bars are a great way for beginners and veterans alike to enjoy magic mushrooms. Dreamland Psychedelics Mushroom Chocolates are made with natural, wholesome cocoa and infused with real, potent Golden Teachers.

These bars are made with couverture white chocolate
that will melt in your mouth instantly. The chocolate has
great flavor for all the white chocolate lovers out there.
The chocolate has great flavor and aroma combined with
the awesome crunch of the cookies, which makes it the
ultimate pairing.

dreamland chocolate
Dreamland Psychedelics Chocolates