Mota THC Lollipops


Mota Lollipops is another premium Mota product made for your on-the-go enjoyment. It offers a high level of discretion. Available in some flavors; grape, blueberry, lemon, lime, raspberry, strawberry, and watermelon, each order comes with perfectly flavored lollipops, infused with about 150mg THC distillate. They’re ideal in fighting stress.

Mota Lollipops are a product of a potent combination of organic sugar, THC distillate, natural flavor, isomalt, and coloring. They offer a smooth highness that you’ll come to appreciate. As with other Mota products, we recommend that first users start with smaller doses and wait for about 60-90 minutes before considering increasing their dosage.

THC: 150mg

Mota - Lollipops
Mota THC Lollipops