Does Cannabis Really Help You Sleep?

Do you find yourself lying in bed, awake and staring at your phone for hours on end? Perhaps your mind never stops thinking at night and you feel like it’s impossible to get a good night’s rest. You may be craving a full night’s sleep and it’s so important for our health to catch those nightly zzzz’s on a consistent basis. What would you say if we said that weed could really help you sleep better? If it was possible to cure your night time anxiety or insomnia, why not find out what natural options are available to help and give it a shot. Let’s dig into some of the ways that cannabis can help you sleep better.

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Of course, there are many different strains of cannabis and they each have their own unique compounds. The strain you take, the mood you are in and the intricacies of your personality and DNA will all play a large part in contributing to how cannabis can help you sleep. 

Does THC or CBD Work Better for Sleeping?

In most cases, the THC compound behind the ‘high’ is what helps you fall asleep faster. CBD in high concentrations can also help promote sleep. The best strain for getting a good quality sleep would be a THC or CBD rich strain or a hybrid of both. 

There Are Still Two Sides to the Sleep Story

Although THC has sedative effects when it comes to sleeping, CBD can actually complicate sleep patterns. You may have an easy time falling asleep, but staying asleep is what can really help contribute to getting those 8 hours of restful sleep. It’s been stated that cannabis may reduce the time spent in REM and this is the stage of sleep that you need in order to feel refreshed in the morning. There are still no conclusive controlled clinical studies to support the sleep side of the story. 

If you find that it takes you a long time to fall asleep at night, then cannabis before your lights go out may be a great option for you on those anxious days. 

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