Differences Between Sativa, Indica and Hybrid

Differences Between Sativa, Indica and Hybrid caviarsmoke order weed online

When it comes to the strands of marijuana that are on the market, there are several to choose from. However, the best out there are sativa, indica and a hybrid. But, what makes each of these strands different? For those who follow the news on marijuana or are avid users, they probably know the different strands by name, but even the most experienced person often does not realize the differences between each strain.

What Can Each Strain Provide?

The traits of each of these plants is what sets them apart from one another. Sativa is often a tall, thin plant with loose branches and long, narrow leaves. They are very suitable for the outdoors and they can get quite huge, up to 25 foot tall! Indica plants are shorter and have more of a bush like appearance, and are best when grown indoors. A hybrid plant is going to be a combination of both sativa and indica plants. They can be a different combination such as 50/50, 70/30, 20/80, and so forth.

Differences Between Sativa, Indica and Hybrid caviarsmoke order weed online

Another huge difference between these three strains is what the plant can help with. Sativa is known for helping with symptoms of depression, ADD, fatigue and other mood disorders. This strain is often thought of as the ‘daytime’ marijuana as is can make you feel energized, uplifted and you are more creative. It also gives a huge boost in focus, allowing everyone to get through their day.

On the other hand, Indica is known as the ‘nighttime’ type of marijuana. It is known for helping with insomnia, pain, helping to relax the muscles, headache and migraine relief, as well as muscle spasm. It gives a sedating affect that makes a person feel completely relaxed.

The hybrid strain is a combination of both, as stated beforehand. In most cases, each of the best traits are taken from these two plants and combined. So, there are hybrid strains that helps with headaches and migraines, while also helping with depression.

Overall, the differences between these three is going to basically mean the looks of the plant and the benefits that each strain can offer you. It is important to know the desired effects you are looking for to decide on which strain is the best for your situation. Does this mean that one strain is better than the other? Not really, since they are all targeting different types of results.

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