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What Are Magic Mushrooms & Psilocybin?

Vietnamese Cubensis Magic Mushrooms

“Magic Mushrooms” contain Psilocybin. Psilocybin is a hallucinogenic substance that produces a “high” when those mushrooms are consumed. They can grow anywhere the climate permits, and in recent years more and more people have dabbled in growing Magic Mushrooms themselves. What Are Magic Mushrooms Used For? People consume Magic Mushrooms for their hallucinogenic properties, often […]

Dabbing 101 – Introduction to Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis concentrate on dab tool, dab rig, torch, and accessories

What are Cannabis Concentrates? Let us start with the obvious. Like the namesake, it is concentrated cannabis material involving some processing steps resulting in a potent accumulation that contains high THC levels. A potent accumulation is a fancy way of saying “a fat dab” if you catch my drift. While cannabis tests for THC levels […]

Weed Delivery in Toronto

weed delivery toronto caviar smoke edibles

While cannabis and edibles have been shown to great health benefits for those who use it, there are still those who shun the use of something that is natural. That is why we offer free shipping on all edible orders! For those who use cannabis, whether for recreation or to help deal with health issues […]

What Are Some of the Benefits of Consuming Cannabis?

benefits of cannabis caviarsmoke canada

Years ago, cannabis was thought to be the one product that everyone should steer clear of. That it was a gateway product that lead a person ashtray in their life. However, as science has studied this and more people are using cannabis, it has been found that cannabis has a ton of benefits to it […]

What Methods Can You Use to Consume Cannabis?

What Methods Can You Use to Consume Cannabis? caviarsmoke

When people think of cannabis and how to consume cannabis, they often think of purely smoking it. They do not consider the various other methods in which cannabis can be used to get this into your body. In fact, many of these other methods are even more popular than smoking. 1. Pills or Capsules Many […]

How Many Grams Are in An Ounce of Weed?

caviarsmoke how-many-grams-are-in-an-ounce-of-weed

When you order cannabis online in Canada, it is often going to be bought by the gram. This is the measurement that people use when it comes to cannabis. For example, our Black Cookies strain of cannabis is sold in 7g, 14g and 28g amounts. With this being said, not many people realize just how […]

A Pound of Cannabis: How Much Is This?

For those who are ordering cannabis online, they may be wondering just how will they order an amount. It is easy for people to say, just give me a pound of x type of cannabis. However, a pound is a ton of cannabis! Even some of the biggest cannabis users out there could not use […]