A Pound of Cannabis: How Much Is This?

For those who are ordering cannabis online, they may be wondering just how will they order an amount. It is easy for people to say, just give me a pound of x type of cannabis. However, a pound is a ton of cannabis! Even some of the biggest cannabis users out there could not use a pound of marijuana anytime soon…even if they were to be using this every single day. For those who are new to ordering cannabis, they are going to find that ordering this is going to be in grams, not ounces, in most places.

How Much is a Pound of Cannabis?

So, if you were to stat that you wanted a pound of cannabis, this would be 448 grams of cannabis. Does, that seem like a lot? It should! Remember, most of the products that we carry are sold in 7g, 14g and 28g products. Ordering 448 grams of cannabis would be highly expensive as well. It could very well be over $3000! This all depends upon the strain of cannabis that you are ordering. For example, 7g of Death Bubba, a hybrid strain, is only $52.

how much is a pound of cannabis

Now that you understand just how cannabis is sold in terms of weight, it is important that you use grams in the future. If you were to get this from a shady source in pound format, you truly do not know what you are getting. That is why it is always good to go with a  company that you can trust with your cannabis selection. This way, you know what you are getting and know that it was grown with the purpose of being sold on a commercial level, rather than grown and produced in someone’s basement.

If you new to the world cannabis, you are going to find that there are tons of strains out there that you can try. There will be those that are good for those who are trying to get their anxiety under control, and even those strains that are going to help with your mental clarity. While there are tons of strains, the one constant is that they will be sold in grams. They are not going to be sold by the pound, like you were going to a local deli!

Do your research and figure out how many grams you are going to need to get started. For the occasional user, they will find that 7 g of cannabis is often enough to get them through several weeks or even a month. While those who are everyday users may want to reach for the 28g product. If you need any help buying weed online in Canada, contact CaviarSmoke.com today.

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