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CaviarSmoke is an online cannabis dispensary based in Canada. We offer our customers a wide range of the best weed products on the market. We are a team of passionate and hard-working specialists who are always willing to go the extra mile to offer our customers the best cannabis  experience, and whether it is for medical or fun purposes, we are sure that we can offer you something to satisfy your needs!

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What Marijuana Products Do We Offer?

At CaviarSmoke we strive to offer our customers a wide range of the best marijuana products available on the internet. Whether you are looking for a smooth, calming effect, or something more upbeat, we have everything that you may need. Some of the specialty strains we offer include:

Guerilla Gold

The Guerilla Gold is an exotic blend with a fruity taste. It originates from Afghanistan, where it’s picked around August and September. The Guerilla Gold is a CBD product in a flowery form with an appealing light green color.

Pink Bubba

Our Pink Bubba is an Indica strain with an earthy scent upon inhalation. The best time to take the Pink Bubba is in the evening, as it has strong sedative qualities. It’s an excellent choice for treating insomnia.

Durban Poison

If you need a buzz, this sweet-smelling Sativa strain is perfect for you. It’s quick-acting and suitable for stimulating vigor and appetite.

Full Girl Scout Cookies

A perfect blend of the OG Kush and the Durban Poison, the Full Girl Scout has recreational and medicinal uses. Use it for treating PTSD and schizophrenia.

Purple Space Cookies

It’s a mixture of various strains of cannabis, very potent. When consumed, it creates an ecstatic and relaxed feeling at the same time.

Pink Rockstar

Our Pink Rockstar gives an intense high that doesn’t hinder the user. It is an hybrid of the Pink Kush and the Rockstar Kush having two flavors: spice and grape. Pink Rockstar is highly suitable for boosting appetite and pain relief.

 MK Ultra

Are you looking for an out of this world experience? The MK Ultra, named after a rumored CIA experiment on mind control, is for you. It has a hypnotic effect, and it’s advisable to take indoors.

Ice cream

The Ice Cream is an Indica and Sativa hybrid with two flavors; pine and vanilla. When consumed, it gives a relaxed feeling, making it excellent for stress management.

Wedding Cake

A hybrid of crossbred Indica and Sativa strains. Wedding Cake gives a feeling of ease and euphoria when consumed. Perfect for soothing nerves and boosting appetite.

Purple Kush

Purple Kush elicits a long-lasting blissful feeling. Originating from Oakland, California, and crossbred from two Indica strains, its sweet and subtle scent is difficult to catch at first. The Purple Kush is good for pain relief and has strong sedative properties.

Indian Kush

Caviar Smoke’s Indian Kush is an ancient strain, a sort of collectors’ item among cannabis enthusiasts. It comes from the Hindu Kush Mountains, in between India and Pakistan. Similar to the Purple Kush, its scent might be unrecognizable at first, but when consumed, it induces a meditative feeling. Use it for pain and stress relief; it’s also useful for treating nausea.


The Jamaican evokes the sunny, fun-filled feeling associated with the Caribbean island nation. It is a Sativa strain that induces a deep high feeling. It is energizing and causes cerebral tendencies among consumers.

Blue Berry

Here’s one Indica strain for nerves and stress relief. The Blue Berry produces a long-lasting, delightful feeling when taken, fantastic for boosting appetite, pain, and stress relief. It’s best to take the Blue Berry in the evening around bedtime.

Sugar Shack

New cannabis enthusiasts will want to try our Sugar Shack. It is majorly Indica-based with some Sativa strains too. It’s mild when compared to other Indica-based strains, and like its name, it’s sweet-tasting. Our Sugar Shack gives a gentle but long-lasting euphoric feeling.

Grease Monkey

Grease Monkey is a hybrid of intense Indica-based strains; its thick, dense buds might require a grinder to separate. It has very potent sedative properties, perfect for when you need a long sleep after a stressful week.


Gelato is a hybrid of robust Indica-based strains. Don’t be deceived by its delicious scent and colorful appearance; the Gelato is a fast-acting heavy weed. It is excellent for treating headaches and similar discomforts.



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Why Order from CaviarSmoke?

At CaviarSmoke we ensure that our cannabis products are of the best quality on the market. We are passionate about our business and want to offer our customers the best marijuana experiences through our wide range of products. We guarantee your satisfaction and we know that you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for easily. If not, contact us! We will be glad to help you find exactly what you need and get it delivered to your door as quickly as possible. 

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